Home Hunting Horrors


In a market like this I almost believe you really could PTSD from all the letter and offer-writing. Seattle Times author Wilson Diehl, with her lovely article on the buyer brutality of our real estate market, would not be the first either.

The fact is you can only write so many letters before your heart just isn’t in it anymore. Especially when you know you aren’t the only one including a family picture, and you aren’t the only one getting turned away either. It’s tough and there are moments when it really does look like there is no way out of the endless hunt for a suitable home.

But as a veteran of the business, that’s not what stood out to me the most. I am walking clients through this war zone right now and what I have seen is that most of the “good” or “quality” brokers have switched over to trying to nab one of the few listings that are coming on the market, leaving a lot of buyers with inexperienced or jaded brokers.

As awful and competitive as the market is right now, they are doing something wrong if they’re telling you to flat out waive your inspection contingency. If they are really looking out for you, not just your ability to win an offer-war, they will want you to feel secure in whatever purchase you end up making. Don’t try and tell me there aren’t creative ways around the issue. I use them to help my clients with every single offer.

Make sure you catch up on Wilson Diehl’s article here if you haven’t already. If you would like to discuss the best strategies to winning a home (that you actually like) send me an send me an email now.