Should You Buy a Home Without a Realtor?


buying a home without a realtor




In 2019, 11% of all homebuyers purchased a home without using a Realtor.  In fact, as a buyer, it’s your right to exercise. However, there are various steps involved in the home buying process to consider before making the choice to find and purchase a home on your own. Below are the pros and cons of buying a home without a Real Estate Agent:




1.)   You may be able to negotiate on a lower price since the home Seller(s) will save on your buyer’s agent fees.


2.)   You’ll have the ability to communicate directly with the Seller, the Seller’s Agent, the Home Inspector, the Loan Officer, and the Escrow Agent. You’re essentially eliminating the middleman.




1.)   You’ll be negotiating with the Listing Agent on your own


2.)   Understanding all of the forms involved in the home buying process can be tricky.


3.)   You may need advice on the results of the Property Disclosure Statement which outlines any flaws that the Seller(s) (and their Real Estate Agent) may be aware of.


4.)   You’ll be in charge of getting an Inspector to do the home inspection, and you may need advice on how to proceed with the results. (i.e., Is there lead paint in the home? Is there an oil tank in the yard?).  


5.)   As the Buyer, you’ll need to make sure an appraisal on the home is performed.


6.)   Certain conditions may need to be met before receiving formal approval for a home loan from your Lender. You’ll be responsible for fulfilling them.


7.)   You may need to hire an Attorney to review all of the forms and documents so that you can make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process.


8.)   If you live in Washington State, you’ll need to go through an Escrow Agent to close out the transaction, and you’ll be responsible for all of the back-and-forth communication with them.


At the end of the day, it’s your decision to purchase a home without a Realtor. However, a good Real Estate Agent is knowledgeable and experienced in the home buying process and will save you a lot of time and energy. Not to mention, they’ll have your back during the entire process and be able to give you a ton of helpful advice along the way.


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