COVID-19 Open House Restrictions


As of October 6, 2020, Governor Jay Inslee has given Real Estate Brokers in Washington permission to hold open houses again. We’re so excited to be able to interact with the public and serve our client’s better by showcasing their homes in person. However, there are some strict safety guidelines that we must follow in order to keep the public healthy and remain in compliance with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service rules and regulations and Washington State law. For example:


  1. No more than 5 people (including Real Estate Broker) per open house for Phase 1.5 & Phase 2 counties. 10 people per open house is the maximum for counties that have entered Phase 3.


  1. All persons entering home must wear a mask, sanitize hands, and practice social distancing.


  1. All open house visitors must sign-in for contract-tracing purposes.


  1. Broker must work with homeowner to sanitize all surfaces before & after open house.


So, if you visit an open house and it’s different than how you remember, there’s a good reason for it. (In fact, Brokers who do not enforce these rules are at risk for criminal and civil liability). We’re doing our best to protect our clients, the public, and ourselves while on the job.