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Real Estate — Keeping it Simple!

Buying? Where do I begin? How do I find an agent? What about financing? How much can I afford? What should I be looking for in a new home? 

Selling? How much is my home worth? Do Zillow estimates matter? Should I stage my home? 

Closing the deal? How do appraisals and inspections work? Should I be worried? How do we give/receive keys? What about all this endless paperwork? 

There are so many things that factor into the buying and selling process of real estate. It can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Each week we’ll bring you a new podcast that helps break down the process. Links will be kept on our page so you can easily find a specific topic when needed.

September 19: Credit Reports!

September 12: Open Houses: What to Expect!

September 5: Staging Your Home: Does it Work?

August 29: Listing Your Home!

August 22: Ready to Buy a Home! Now What?

August 15: Forms, Forms, Forms. So. Many. Forms. 

August 8: Building Inspections: Not so scary

August 1: Law of Agency: What is that?

July 25: HOAs and Rules and Regulations

July 18: Starting the Buying Process

July 18: Intro