Not just Ray, a Team of Experienced Professionals

When we first met with Ray, we were basically clueless about the entire house buying experience. All we knew is that we wanted a place to call “home”. Fortunately, we had been referred to Ray by some friends, and after the first meeting, we knew he was the right realtor for us. We came away from that meeting not only feeling energized about the house buying process, but also that he wasn’t out to make a quick sale and truly had our interests at heart.

Ray taught us a lot about the entire process, from figuring out what we really wanted, having a successful house warming party, and everything in between. Ray answered all of our questions, no matter how dumb they might have sounded, and was always available to chat.

We also asked Ray about other people, i.e. inspector, mortgage broker, or electrician. The people he recommended to us were just as kind & professional as Ray was. When you’re working with Ray, you not only get him, but the years of experience that allows him to know all of these wonderful people.

We really enjoy spending time with Ray. He always has a genuine smile on his face and it’s immediately apparent that he enjoys what he does for a living.