Ray Dove is one of the best in the business!

Ray Dove’s knowledge and expertise is needed for anyone looking to buy a home, a piece of the American Dream, and of course Ray is an expert in selling homes. Ray was my agent when buying my last home, I was not new to home buying and therefore recognized the level of superiority and service I received from Ray. Once we selected a home, that is when the magic happened. Ray moved through the process quickly and professionally with followup that is second to none. He does what he says he is going to do and keeps the process and all time commitments moving along. Therefore, I knew when my daughter was purchasing her first home, she needed Ray Dove and she was not disappointed.

Ray is an expert at posing “critical questions” to his clients throughout the process. Questions that insure you move into a deal with your eyes wide open. Ray Dove is one of the best in the business!