Ray Handled All the Details and Kept Us Well Informed

I had gotten to know Ray Dove through a local service organization; I was impressed by his actions, his attention to detail, overall demeanor.

When it came time to sell some investment property in Bellevue that my wife and I had, I turned to Ray, and asked him to list the property. After some discussion, and with our giving Ray our input, Ray did some number crunching. A little more discussion, and we agreed on a price. Approximately ten days later, we had a full price offer. We accepted the offer, and perhaps three weeks (or less), the property closed. Ray handled all the details, kept us well informed, and there were no problems at all! The tenants told us they appreciated how Ray handled things.

Some ten to fourteen months later, it was time to retire, and once again we turned to Ray Dove to sell our condo overlooking Lake Sammamish in Redmond. Once again discussion, number crunching, agreeing on price. In two days we had multiple offers. ALL above the price we were asking! We accepted the first offer giving us the most money. Naturally! Almost three weeks later, the couple buying the condo found themselves suffering from buyer’s remorse, and backed out of the transaction; we agreed to let them do this. The next day Ray contacted the people offering the next highest bid, and convinced them to make another offer—higher than their first offer! They did as Ray suggested, and we accepted their offer, and closed on the condo about four weeks later. Once again, all the details were handled by Ray, keeping us well informed. And once again, no problems of any kind with anything.

We kind of regretted we only had the two properties for Ray to sell. We moved out of Washington State; otherwise Ray would have been involved in our next purchase; a retirement home.

Ray is the consummate professional! We can recommend him highly. He does not disappoint!